Kris decided to try out the Poweraid Throttle Body Spacer.   The install is quite simple.

To see the instructions that came with the spacer click HERE.

Here is the box, showing the part number for the 95-02 V-6 3.4L Tacoma and 4 Runner.

This is what the stock setup looks like.

Start by disconnecting the vacuum lines (yellow arrows).

Remove the throttle and transmission kick down cable bracket mounting bolt (green arrow)


Remove the 4 nuts that hold the throttle body onto the intake manifold (yellow arrows).  Only two can be seen in this picture.

Disconnect the larger breather tube (green arrow).

Disconnect the main air intake from the air box where it attaches to the throttle body.

Remove the throttle and kickdown cables from the support bracket (red arrow).

The Contents of the kit.
Separate the throttle body from the intake manifold.
Using a pliers, remove the studs that mounted the throttle body to the intake manifold.
Once they are loose, you can slip them out through the throttle body.   Remove the factory gasket.
Clean both the intake manifold and the throttle body.   Make sure that all of the old gasket is off so the new one will seal well.
Install the new spacer with 2 new gaskets.   Use the supplied bolts to attach the throttle body to the intake manifold.
Use the supplied brackets to relocate the throttle and transmission kick down cables, as well as the vacuum line to their new positions as shown.
Adjust the protective sleeve and snap the cables back into their guides.
Check all bolts to make sure they are tight.   Check the cables and adjust as needed.

Now for the big question:

After the install, the truck did seem to have more pep.   On the left is one of the two gaskets supplied with the kit, on the right is a new gasket from URD.

Why did Toyota use a square bottom gasket in a round tube?   Does this not restrict airflow?

Is the slight gain due to the new round gasket or the throttle body spacer?   We will have to install another of the gaskets by itself to find out!

Here are the two gaskets together.   Although it is not much, the factory gasket still restricts air flow some.

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