OK, so I know that blocks are evil, but I needed a little more lift in the back for now.   I got a set of one inch steel blocks from 4Wheel parts.

Installing blocks is easy, just take the u-bolts off and put them in.   You may need longer u-bolts, but I had also done the Rockstomper u-bolt flip so mine were plenty long.   

You can see the parking brake cable running over the leaf here.   I had to make a slight mod to keep it from touching the springs.

I got some hardware from OSH and spaced the parking brake cable slightly higher.
Here is what it looked like done.   Was not as clean as I hoped, but it works fine.

I am still having shock issues, so I made this temporary drop bracket.   It is working just fine, but I will have to ramp again and see then.  

You can also see one of the parking brake cable guides here.   I bent them slightly to make them higher so the cable would not rub on the leaf pack.

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