So you did a lift and all is good... then you notice when you are out flexing your newly lifted rig that the rear brake line is looking a little short.    Changing the rear brake line out for a longer one is quick and easy.

You will need a 17mm wrench, 10mm wrench, and a set of plyers.

Here you can see the factory line and the new longer replacement line.

Removing and installing the line is very easy.   First you disconnect the factory line at the top fitting.   You will use a 10mm wrench to remove it.

After that you remove the line from the axle end.

Installation is the reverse.   Install the axle end first, then the upper fitting.  

Here you can see the new line in place.

Once the line is in, you will need to bleed the brake system.

You will need to remove the small rubber cap on the back of the brake drum that covers the bleeder valve. (green arrow)


Here you can see the bleeder valve with the rubber cap off.

Start the bleeding process at the valve furthest away from the master cylinder and work towards it.

You can do a web search for bleeding brakes and gets lots of instructions and how-to's, but here is the basic info.

Use some clean vacuum hose and slip it on to the bleeder valve.   Put the other end of the hose into a jar partly filled with fresh brake fluid. Use a 10mm wrench to open the valve slightly, just enough for fluid to come out.   Have a second person press the brake pedal slowly all the way down and hold it.   When the pedal reaches the floor, the person at the valve closes the valve, then have the person in the cab let the pedal return to its normal position.   Repeat this procedure until air bubbles stop coming out of the hose. Make sure to keep adding fresh brake fluid to the reservoir so that it does not run out and let more air into the system.

This is usually done with the person under the car directing the person in the cab.   The person under the car says "down" and the pedal is pressed down, then when the person under is ready, they say "up" and the pedal is released.

After you work with any brake system, before you go driving off, check to make sure that everything feels OK first.   Then take it for a test drive to verify that everything is working the way it should.

After you replace the line, keep an eye on it for a few days to make sure that you dont see any leaks.

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