After lifting the truck the rear parking brake line was a little tight.   To give it a little more slack, we moved the parking brake cable mount a few inches lower.   

Please read the entire write up!   The final mounting position was changed due to interference!

Here is where the line runs in the stock position.    The idea is to flip the small mounting clip so that is is pointing down instead of up.

I added an arrow so you can see the clip I am talking about easier.

In order to move it to the lower location, you have to either take the cable loose from the front or the rear.  The front looked easier to me!   There are two clips that hold the cable to the frame that you will need to remove.
The cable is held in place through the frame with a C-clip that you also have to remove.
Once that is done, you can take the end of the cable off at the adjuster.    Once this is done, you can move the cable out from behind the gas tank strap and into the new position.
Once it is outside the gas tank strap, you can reattach it to the stock mount hole in the new lower position.
Reattach the parking brake cable.  This is a good time to make sure it is adjusted correctly!
Reinstall the C-clip and the clips on the frame.
Here is another shot of the cable outside the gas tank strap.   This lower position should give the brake line a little more room when the rear axle flexes.

Well, I dont know what I was thinking when Iooked at this setup!   I should have seen that the leaf spring U-bracket that is visible in this picture was not going to come straight up, but actually in at an angle when the rear axle flexes!    When it did so, it hit the cable and tore the a few of the outer layers of the sheath.  The inner cover is still fine, I just need to move it some to prevent further damage!

OK, so its time to move it some more!

I figured the best thing was to move the cable down and towards the gas tank.
To do this I made a little bracket to move the cable to the new position.
Here is the bracket and bolt.
I used the factory bolt to mount the bracket to the factory position, then the new bolt to hold the cable to the new bracket.
Here you can see it all together.   I cant imagine that it will be hit now!
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