Red Line Tuning Hood Lift Struts

Sometimes its the simple things that make life great!   When it comes to working under the hood on my rigs, it always seems that the rod prop is in the way.   Some of the newer vehicles come with hood struts that lift and hold the hood for you, but for the rest of us we have to constantly work around the hood prop.   Now, thanks to Redline Tuning, that's all about to change!

Before we start the installation, we need to gather a few tools: Drill, 3/16" and 5/32" drill bits, masking tape, pencil / pen for marking where to drill, hammer and center punch, rivet gun capable of 3/16" rivets.   I didn't have a rivet gun, but they are available at many hardware stores for $20 or less.

The instructions that came with the kit are HERE.

Here are the contents of the kit.   There is really not to much to it.
Here is the typical scene.   The hood is open, but that pesky rod prop always seems to be in the way.  We are about to fix that problem!
The first step is to measure and mark for the hood brackets.   The brackets are going to mount 14 - 5/8 inches up from the hood mount.   Put some masking tape on the underside of the hood in this area so you can mark where the bracket is going to go.

Once you have the location marked, you can drill the center hole for the bracket.   

Make sure that you don't drill too far and hit the outer skin of the hood!   One way to accomplish this is to wrap some masking tape around the drill bit to keep it from going in too far.

With the first hold drilled, you can remove your tape and mount the bracket with the aluminum rivet through the center bracket hole.
With the first rivet in place you can drill and rivet the other two holes.   Repeat these steps for the bracket on the other side of the hood.
For the bracket on the body, you will measure from the fender bracket as shown forward 1-3/4 inches.   This puts the rear of the bracket right at the rubber hood seal.
Hold the bracket in place and mark the holes.

The next step is to drill the holes.   I found that the hood needed to be held farther up than the rod prop normally holds it so you can drill the hole straight.

With the holes drilled use the provided self tapping screws to mount the fender brackets in place.   

I noted that the front screw went through the first piece of metal then along the edge of the second.  Not the most optimal situation, but the screws were firmly in place.

The last step is to install the struts onto the hardware we just installed.   There are small locking clips that keep them in place, in this picture you can see them clearly.   They are removed and then re-installed after the struts are in place.
That's all there is to it!   You still have the rod prop as a backup, but now there is nothing in the way when you need to work on your engine!
A closer shot of the installed hood lift strut.   They mount quite far to the rear and are really out of the way.
After the installation was done I checked to make sure that the struts didn't hit anything.   I found they did hit a small port on the drivers side, but it was easily fixed.
I simply rotated the green fitting to the side.  Problem solved!

The total installation took about 45 minutes and was very straight forward and simple.   I must also add that the instructions that came with the kit had full color pictures and are the best instructions I have seen for quite some time.

Redline Tuning offers a number of different kits for the Tacoma ranging in price from $69.95 to 109.95.

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