NOTE: If you install this kit on a stock doublecab, the passenger side shock is too long and bottoms out long before the bump stop makes contact.  I contacted Rockstomper and they are going to have to get a doublecab in their shop and play with it and resolve this problem.  They have never tested the kit on a doublecab, and thought that it was the same as the regular or extended cab as far as the shock mounts went.  Looks like Toyota made a change with the doublecabs!   

Rockstomper was very good and told me that I could return the product for a full refund if I wished to do so.  For the time, I will hold onto the kit as it is.  I was told that if they make a new plate for my application, they will send me one.  Next year when I do the lift, I will use the plates that I have now, so I am
not too worried about it either way, after all, we are talking about a $60 kit.

This kit will not fit a stock doublecab!  Rear the note above.  The rear of the truck is also very bouncy, as the shocks are laid over at quite a angle, and loose a lot of effectiveness. 

I was looking under the rear of my truck and noticed how the U-bolts were mounted with a plate below that axle.  I was thinking of doing a standard U-bolf flip using a checy truck U-bolts and plate, but I found the Rockstomper kit that also had provisions for mounting the shocks higher.  I had heard that the shocks limited the amount of flex in the rear of the Tacoma, so I went with the Rockstomper kit as it was an easy bolt on replacement.
This is the hardware that comes with the Rockstomper kit. (this is one side without the nuts shown)
Here is the factory hardware that we are replacing...

Here you can see the factory setup.

I started by disconnecting the shock.

I was quite suprised to see this... this is a far as the shock goes... I can see why this would be a problem as far as travel is concerned!
The install is quite simple, a pure swap.  I would estimate that it takes about 20 minutes per side.
Here is the drivers side with the new shock mount on top.  This will help a great deal with flex.

Here you can see the left side done and the right side stock.

Not only do you pick up a little clearance, but you help with the shock issue.

Above is a before and after shot of the right side.

Another simple mod that should produce some results.

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