Under the front of the Tacoma there are 2 scrape plates. The first covers the bottom of the radiator, and helps protect the cross member. The second covers the steering rack and was made of very lightweight metal.....
Here is an old picture from the front looking under the truck. As you can see, the secondary scrape plate is really torn up! In this picture, I was going to bend it back and reattach the rear mounting points as they had ripped off when I was backing up in some deep mud.
Here is another view of the factory scrape plate... or what is left of it! This was after it caught in the mud. I actually bolted it back on and used it for a while after this picture was taken!
As you can see here, the factory plate is not made of very thick metal! I opted for a piece of aluminum diamond plate that was much thicker that the stock plate. I also mounted the plate with the diamonds facing up. I figure that you want to slide easily over anything that you scrape on, and not have the diamonds catching on things.

We started by removing the stock plate. The piece of plate I got was 23 inches wide, and was about 60 inches long. The width was fine except for the very front, which we had to trim down a bit. I cut a U shape in the front to access the oil drain plug, and a circle in the back to access the transmission drain plug. The front mounting points were strong enough. The rear mounts were not attached very good, so we welded them on a little better.

Here is a side by side comparison of the new and old scrape plates... what a difference! As you can see, the new plate will cover much more than the factory one.


Here is the installed plate from a front view. The small cut outs you can see in the last picture tuck up under the front plate. You can also see the U for the oil drain. The front two mount bolts are recessed, and the second two bolts are not. Time will tell if they will get too scraped up. I may have to use rounded head type bolts here...

Here is a view of the plate from the rear. As you can see, it goes all the way back and mounts to the factory cross member by the transfer case. We did not bend the metal, instead we just used the jack to lift it into place. Also visible is the hole for the transmission drain plug.

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