The seat side plastic on the drivers seat on some Tacoma's can be a problem.   When I used to go and get out of the truck, I would sort of turn and swing my legs out then slide out of the truck.  The problem with this is that the seat side plastic gets pressure from the seat cushion and breaks.   The first time I did this about 8 months after I purchased the truck I took it to the dealer and had it fixed.   Since my 3 year / 36000 mile warranty was about to expire and it had happened again, I went back to the dealer and asked if I could get a new plastic piece.   I removed the old one and traded it for the new piece.  

There is really no fix for this problem.   Toyota is well aware of it, but they have not made any fixes, they just replace the part as needed.   The only solution I have is that now I step onto the rock sliders and then down onto the ground.   Not quite as easy to get in and out, but it saves the plastic!

 Installing the new one takes about 5 minutes.   

The Toyota part number is: 71812-04010-B2           SHIELD, FR SEAT

Here the new part is in the bag.   
I had already removed the old part, since I had to trade it in to the dealer for the new one.   This is what my seat looked like without the part on.

There are two screws that you have to remove to take the plastic side piece off.   The first is on the seat back adjuster arm, just a little above and to the left of the tip of the screwdriver.   I have removed this screw and the plastic handle.

The second is on the seat frame, I am pointing to it with the screwdriver.

Towards the front of the seat there is a metal clip that the side plastic snaps into.   The new part came with a new insert so I removed the old one and put the new one in.
The new piece then hooks towards the back of the seat and snaps in towards the front of the seat.   The screw is put into the seat frame and the handle for the seat back adjuster is screwed back onto the arm.
Here you can see both screws again.
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