I removed the spare from under the rear so that I could mount the Rock lights and pick up some extra clearance.   I want to put on a roof rack over the cab later and put a spare up there but I would also like to have two spares some day, so I decided to make a mount in the bed.
First I drilled a hole in the bed where the spare would mount.
I got a "heavy" nut.  These are just bigger and thicker than the standard nuts.   Once in position I welded it to the underside of the bed.   It does not have to be a super strong weld, just enough to keep the nut from spinning.
I measured and cut a piece of flat stock.  I then drilled a hole for the bolt in the center.  
I then bent the flat stock to act as a large wing nut.
I welded the bolt to the flat bar to complete the wing nut.
I may cut the parts of the bar that stick up off a little shorter in the future if it becomes a problem.   Right now, they stick up slightly higher than the sides of the spare.   I also ground the edges and corners of the bar so there are no sharp edges or points.

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