When I went looking for aftermarket sway bar disconnects for my truck, I could not find any.   I decided to make my own.
Although it is hard to see in these pictures, the rear tire is about two inches off the ground.
The front swaybar is the cause of this problem.   Designed to keep the truck level during corners on the road, it also keeps the wheels from moving freely off road.   I do not recomend just removing the sway bar, as it causes the vehicle to handle very different on the road.   My solution was to make some large wing nuts to replace the factory nuts shown here.
Here is the sway bar connector off the the truck.   I made wing nuts to replace one of the nuts on each one of these.
Here you can see the new nuts and small rod pieces.   To make the weld stronger, I drilled small holes into the nuts for the rod.
I then placed the rod into the holes and welded it into place.
I then installed the sway bar connects and new wing nuts.   I do carry a wrench to tighten the nuts for road use.   When I want to remove them, I crack the nuts loose, then with the rods, I am able to remove or install the nuts easily without a socket or wrench.   The nuts are easy to reach by turning the cars tires fully one direction or the other.
The end result.... I'm not sure just yet!!   With the sway bar disconnected, although hard to see, all tires in the picture to the left (after) are on the ground.   By this I know that I have just picked up at least two inches of travel, and possibly more.
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