I carry a variety of tools and other items in the bed storage boxes.   I wanted to show some of the items that I carry so you might get ideas for your tool boxes.

Here you can see everything that I have in the tool box.  There are tools, the factory jack, fire extinguisher, TP, a can of fix a flat, tire plug and patch kits, 2 emergency blankets, 2 emergency rain ponchos, a small air compressor, repair kit for the ARB air line, misc nuts bolts and screws, valve core tool and extra valve cores, radiator bars leak, and an assortment of other goodies.

The wooden planks that the stuff is setting on are also stored at the front of the bed between the front bed wall and the storage box and gas cans.   These are good when you are in the snow, mud or sand and need a firm base for you jack or something to put under the tires.

Here are just the tools.  I actually had to sort out some extras, as things get thrown in there!   These tools are in addition to a box tool set similar to THIS one.
In the winch kit, I have a tow strap, tree saver strap, chain, snatch block, extra shackles and gloves.

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