A slight modification that you may not use all the time is extra off-road lights.  I decided to mount two Warn 500 flood lights to the ARB Bull Bar.   When looking at lights you must decide what they will be used for.   Because off-road driving is a low speed thing, I choose the flood lights.   They do not have a long range like driving lights or spot lights, but because I am going slow, I am not so worried what is 2000 feet in front of me, I care what is directly in my path.
Here is another picture of the Bull Bar installed, but without the lights installed.

This is what the bumper looks like with the lights installed.  You may also notice that I have once again found mud to play in.....



I was able to run the wires and mount the switch in the dash in such a way as to retain a factory look.  The place I mounted the switch would be for the passenger air bag on - off switch in a standard cab model.
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