As we install new parts, we often have old parts left over.   Maybe you need a replacement, or maybe you damaged something during one of your off-road adventures.   Below are parts that we have laying around in the shed!   If you see something you want, send me an e-mail letting me know what you are interested in and a offer on the price.

A few other items that are not pictured:

Factory rear leaf springs for a double cab - 1 set


Tacoma factory rear shocks.   I have 2 sets.
Front Tacoma A-Arms with the lower ball joint still there.  Dont know about the condition of the joint!

Front Tacoma spindles with bearings.   These came off my doublecab with around 27000 miles on them.  They need new upper ball joints.

With all front wheel bearings, when you take the hub out, the bearings are gone so these also will need new bearings.

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