I got the correct light switch for the Jeep some time back, but I did not have the chance to install it until now.   The person who removed the switch from the prior vehicle did a great job of leaving me about 1 inch of wire behind the plug.   The wires were also rather brittle.   I would suspect that the switch was removed and then sat in the sun for quite a while.   Part way through, I was going to test what I had done so far, and the switch did not work.   I had to turn it on and off a bunch of times, I suspect that there was some dirt on the contacts inside the switch, because after cycling it a few times, it started to work.
Here is what the switch looks like
Here you can see the plug with a very small amount of the wiring harnes that I was left with.
Here the tail lights are in and wired
I still need to redo the front grill and install the small bullet lights and the put the blackout driving light on the left front fender.
Here is the switch in the dash.
This is what the blackout tail lights look like at night.
And the blackout stop light.
More pictures to come once I have the bracket for the front blackout light and the teardrop lights in.

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