I decided to freshen up the brakes a bit and I'm glad I did as I found all sorts of things wrong!

All pictures of brake work are here.

I replaced the master cylinder, it was a straight forward swap.
Before I started this the brakes pulled towards the passenger side but stopped fairly well.   You can imagine my surprise when I pulled the passenger rear drum off and found that one show was missing the lining.   The brakes were not making any noise.   The front shoes looked good and I will just adjust them.
The next step was to replace all 4 of the wheel cylinders.   This is pretty typical of what I found when I pulled things apart.
Its nice to see some green paint under there!   Everything was very dirty / greasy.

After a good cleaning it was time to swap the wheel cylinder.   Below are pictures of what the old ones looked like.   One, the drivers side rear was partially frozen up.

They don't look too good!

Here is a new wheel cylinder...
Installation is quick and easy, I would say it took about 1 hour to disassemble, clean, replace the wheel cylinder and put it all back together per wheel.
The brakes are all adjusted with cams.   There are upper cams on both sides towards the top, this is one of them.

The lower part of the shoes bolt in place and are also adjusted with similar cams.

More pictures and the adjustment procedure to follow....
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