As part of the M-38 project, I wanted a matching trailer.  I found a Jeep parts company in Canada that had brand new 1/4 ton trailers for sale.  I quickly called and set up the deal with the company.  I will not say the name of the company, as I have nothing really good to say about them, other than I will not be using them again.  They took over a month to ship my trailer, then they sent the trailer freight collect and I had to pay more than we had agreed upon for shipping.  The trailer did not come with all of the parts that they told me it would, and one of the fenders was damaged during shipping.  Finally, I got them to send the parts they had promised and a new fender... thank god thats over!
One of the things that I liked about this deal was the fact that this was a new trailer and I would not have to do anything other than paint it.  Here you can see the fender that was damaged during shipping.... oh well, at least I have a replacement fender.
The first thing that I did was to give it a good bath.  
I also had to bolt the pintle hitch to the Jeep.  I have a camo cover that goes with the trailer.
Here is a picture of the same model trailer with US markings on it.  This is what I would like mine to look like some day.

This is the same trailer with a restored M-38 during a parade...

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