I am still in the process of restoring the blackout lights for the M-38.  I have found the correct set of tail lights and have started to re-install them in the vehicle.  I have the teardrop lights that go in the front grill, and I have the light that goes on the left front fender, but I still need the mounting bracked for the left front fender.  

I will be updating this page as I make more progress....

This is the main blackout light.  This would mount on the left front fender with a bracket that serves as the mount and also as a guard to protect it from any damage.

After removing many layers of paint, you can finally read the writing on the front of the light.

I was not sure how to get the paint off of the the lens.  You can see the irregular shaped cutout in this picture.  I ended up using a small wire brush to clean the lens on the outside, and then I used a soapy water and sand solution to clean the inside.  In the end, it worked out perfectly!

This is the housing that the light mounts into.  
These are the bullet lamps that go into the lower openings on the front grille.  I have not yet started to clean these up, and I am not sure if they even work yet.
Here is the first picture of the correct taillights back on the vehicle.  In this picture, they are just screwed on hand tight, as I still need to patch up the small holes them made when they installed the aftermarket lights.  The factory wiring harness is still partially there, so I will re-use the portion that goes from the tail lights back to the dash.
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