I was looking for a spare tire mount for quite some time.  I had seen them on E-Bay but they were always going for what I felt was too much.  Finally, one day I was looking through a JC Whitney catalog when I came across the spare tire mount that I was looking for.  Although I am doing a restoration on this vehicle, I am not trying to make it exactly perfect.  I have no problems using a reproduction part, so I ordered one!
Bacause I already had the correct tail gate, Installing the mount was only a matter of bolting it on.
I purchased bolts that were longer than I needed, then cut them off to make them the correct length.  I tried glueing small rubber covers over what was left of the bolts.  It looked nice, but they will not stay on.
Here is a picture of the Jeep with the spare in place.
Because this was done before I replaced the rear lights, the spare tire covers up the passenger side stop light.
The spare tire that I have I purchased for $10 at a garage sale.  It still holds air and even has a valve stem protector still in place!  
This is an original military tire, complete with the US stamp.
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