At some point someone decided to replace the military tail lights with aftermarket lights.  This was probably due to the fact that the military lights only had a stop or tail light on the drivers side of the vehicle, and the rest of the lights were only blackout lights.  Because the holes for the original lights was so big, they actually had to rivet a plate over them and cut out a smaller hole for the new lights.  They also cut a second set of holes for backup lights... these will now have to be closed up.
This is what the lights on the back of the Jeep looked like when I got it.
I first removed the lights from the holes.  I then drilled out the rivets, and popped the plates off.
You can also see where they cut a hole in the mounting plate here. There should be to other small holes, but they made it into one big one.  This is an example of someone going wild with a torch!  The only benefit of this bigger hole is that it is easier to run the wires, you dont have to thread the two light wires through a smaller hole.  I will need to put something in place to bolt the second light mounting bolt to.
OK... so you need to make two small plates like this, so where do you get the metal from?
From a local street sign, of course!  I got a good laugh when I discovered this!  I wonder if they were drinking when they did this....
So here is the drivers side light sitting in the hole.  I will now need to close up the holes from the rivets, and do some patch work to the bracket behind the light, and then it will be time to get them wired up.
I took the wire welder and closed up the holes then used the grinder to smooth the welds down. It is an OK job, but will be fine after the Jeep is painted.
You can still see the repair, may have to grind a little more.   It looks really bad, but feels smooth.
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