One of the first things that I decided to do was to get rid of the tires and rims that were on the Jeep when I purchased it.  Althought they were new tires and rims, I just did'nt feel that they fit the vehicle.  Luckily I had a set of original rims and I set to work to get them cleaned up and tires mounted.
Here is what the old tires looked like on the Jeep... like I said earlier, they are nice tires and wheels, but not the right ones for the Jeep.
I put one of the old rims on the Jeep just for a sneak peak..
First I sand blasted the rims.
Once they were sand blasted, I gave them a primer coat.
I found these markings on the inside of the rims.  I already knew that these were original Kelsey Hayes rims, but it was interesting to find the markings anyway.
Without removing the tires, you can tell if your rims are the original Kelsey Hayes rims by looking for the K-H initals near the lug holes.
Although I will paint the Jeep back to the original OD green, for now, this black will keep the wheels in good shape.

I ordered the military non-directionals from McLea's Tire and Automotive.  They have two stores, one in Santa Rosa at 800 Piner Road and one in Petaluma at 100 Stony Point Road. (707)542-0363 SR, (707)776-0640 Pet. 

I know... this is a free ad for McLea's... They have been very helpful with my projects, so they get the free ad space!

I ordered Nankang 7.00X16 tires.  I took the now painted rims to McLeas and they mounted them up.

Thanks for the help McLea's... I have a second Jeep now, and it needs tires, so......

After mounting the tires, I had them balanced.  I was debating on whether or not to do this, as the Jeep does not see much high speed driving, but to keep vibrations to a minimum, I went ahead and had them balanced.  I was told that after I had driven on them for a while, they should be brought back and re-balanced.

Need work on your car?  Live in the Sonoma County area?  Give them a call!

Here is what it looks like with the new tires... much better!
The old tires had center caps that covered the center cap... here you can see a small section of OD green still poking through.
Above is a before and after picture.  I think that the new tires change the entire look of the Jeep.
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