The first thing the trailer needed was a set of tail lights. I wanted to keep in theme with an older year, so instead of getting the modern style lights you would find on vehicles such as the Hummer, I went with a set of service lights from the 1951 M-38 Willys Jeep.  Normally, there would only be one of these on the drivers side, and a blackout only light on the passenger side.   Since this trailer will see street duty, and since it is registered as a newer trailer, I cannot get away with one tail light as I can on the M-38.   I figured the next best thing was to go with 2 of the service lights, as this would still have the older look and feel.

I picked up a pair of these lights on Ebay.  They were NOS and still in the factory boxes.
Underneath the trailer, the original wiring was already there.   I quickly discovered that the newer lights have 4 wires, while these have 3 wires.   The existing wires were all numbered and the numbers matched the wires on the new tail lights.   This made for a super simple installation.
Once the connectors were plugged together, they snap into these holders to keep everything neat and out of harms way.
The lights have a good look and fit,
The wires that were exposed were wrapped to keep things from getting snagged.
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