Every year on New Years day we head up to Lake Pillsbury to play in the mud and snow.

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We stopped at the beginning of the dirt road to air down and for those that had trailered their rigs to unload.   We had 15 trucks present between the Santa Rosa 4x4's and TTORA.
As we started heading in on the county road the snow level was quite low.
This is what it looked like near the summit on the county road.
Down at Oak flat there was also snow, more than I had ever seen before.
We started up the main road.   It didn't take long before it started getting slippery.
We caught up with some other people and one person in their group was having problems.   It took a few minutes, but they finally got going.
The lineup of trucks waiting.    Part of our group was farther down the trail after someone slid into the ditch.
Waiting in an enclosed vehicle was fine, but for the open air rigs it was a little on the cold side.
Jim in his bronco sliding around a tree.
Heading up to the main junction of Hull Mt. and the Game Preserve.
We parked at the junction and waited for everyone to catch up.
Here the second part of our group waits as someone in the lead gets out of a ditch.
Todds Jeep at the junction.
Waiting at the junction.

This 4-Runner was having problems so they just hooked it onto the back of one of the buggies and towed it.

You can see all the snow under the front of the 4-Runner as it snow plowed up the trail.

One of the buggies.
Another buggy trying to stay warm and dry.
It was snowing on and off throughout the day.    We waited for everyone to make it to the junction then started down.
Jim got a little off the trail on the way down and broke the right outer in the front trying to get out of the ditch.
On the way down we decided to go down the side trail instead of the main road.   The first section was very rutted and muddy and Art had to be towed out by Peri's Tacoma 3 or 4 times.
Heading down the side trail.
One of the switchbacks.   As we went down closer to the lake, the snow got thinner and thinner.
Art lost the bead on the was down, but drove on it for about 3/4 miles until there was a nice wide flat place to change it.
At the first large mud hole, he got stuck before he even got into the hole.   I had to pull him the rest of the way into it then out the other side.
A Tacoma makes the mud hole.
Down in the hole... it is fairly deep right now!
A shot from another angle.
Alan and his new Cherokee going through the hole.
Corey going through.
After going through the hole he picks up speed....
and tries to splash us.... we were able to jump back in time!
Art playing in the next puddle.
Art stuck again....
This time the water makes it into his truck.
And now the left front tire has a leaking bead.
Art and his son hook up the tow strap.

Art got stuck and had enough problems to keep everyone entertained!   

After we got out of the mud hole we headed out as we wanted to try to make it out before it was too late at night.   On the way out we came across 4 people in a truck that had broken their steering and gave a few of them a ride out to Potter Valley to their home to get supplies and then head back in to fix and recover their truck.    Everyone made it home without any further problems.

Another great new years day trip!

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