I purchased books for Northern and Southern California SUV trails.  The trails are mostly not hard or technical, but are just easy and scenic rides.  

On May 25th, we were going to try to run 5 of the trails in one day, but got started way too late and only made 2 of them.  NC-1 and NC-2 (North Coast 1 & 2).   

The technical info is at the bottom of the page.

All pics are HERE.

Part of NC-1 had been recently graded.  
I don't know what lake this is, but it was pretty big.
The spillway looked like it could be fun to slide down...
At the end of NC-1, there is a river crossing.  It could be a problem if the water was any deeper.
From the top of one of the hills... quite a view of the area.

This is Indian Valley Reservoir.

There are a ton of trails going off everywhere up here.  We will have to go up there and explore it again when we have more time!

Towards the end of NC-2, I got a flat.  I later found a nail in the tire, and a large hole also.

I put the spare on, which was low and had to be inflated.  After that, with no spare and the day slipping away, we decided to head home.

Data Format Deg NAD83

North Coast 1 Route:

Waypoint Name     Coordinates                         Elevation
NC1-1,     38.90867,     -122.31067,     691,
NC1-2,     38.90367,     -122.30967,     1603,
NC1-3,     38.89217,     -122.31717,     1603,
NC1-4,     38.89033,     -122.31983,     2468,
NC1-5,     38.87800,     -122.32667,     1926,
NC1-6,     38.86400,     -122.35250,     1926,
NC1-7,     38.86333,     -122.36900,     1926,
NC1-8,     38.87183,     -122.38200,     2524,
NC1-9,     38.87583,     -122.42333,     2155,

North Coast 2 Route:

Waypoint Name           Coordinates            Elevation
NC2-1,     39.02317,     -122.45250,     3763,
NC2-2,     39.04583,     -122.46583,     1990,
NC2-3,     39.06300,     -122.48933,     2284,
NC2-4,     39.09833,      -122.48783,     2760,
NC2-5,     39.10600,     -122.49317,     3531,
NC2-6,     39.11983,     -122.49883,     3531,
NC2-7,     39.15850,     -122.47883,     3103,

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