On 5-15-02 the Santa Rosa 4X4's made a trip to Lake Pilsbury.  Some people drove up on Friday night and stayed the weekend, and others came up on Saturday morning.

Instead of taking my truck on this run, I decided to take the motorhome up for the weekend and I rode with Alan in his Orange CJ-5.  Sometimes it is really nice to just sit back and enjoy the scenery!

Oak Flat Campground:  N 39  26.539     W 122  57.187

Not too long after leaving camp a person who will remain nameless and is not the one wearing the hat in this picture had a mechanical problem with his Jeep.... Alan, in the blue sweatshirt, told him that yes, he did need bolts to hold his transfer case in place.
It was a perfect day!  The skies were clear and it was not too hot, not too cold!
We headed over Hull Mountain and found a nice meadow area to have lunch.
This was a really nice area, and made a great place to stop!
After lunch, we headed out to explore.

We took a break on the top of Bald Mountain.
Here's Cory and his Amigo.

A rock in the middle of a open area is just asking for trouble...

Here Alan and Donnie get their Jeeps on the rock, with an Samuri trying to squeeze in in the background.

After the Jeeps were done, the Samuri's had a go at it...
Alan and this tree just dont get along... On an earlier trip he had a problem in this same spot, and got hung up on his exhaust.  This time, when he went over the log, it tried to throw his Jeep on its side.  
This was the last steep downhill of the day.  This area was very steep and tilting towards the large ditch on the right side.  In the picture, the  two people are keeping this Samari on the ground.... without them it would have been a slow roll into the ditch!

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