Cow Mt. 9-11-2004

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Some people had come up on Friday and were camping for the weekend.   We had other things going on and could only come up for the day on Saturday.
We got up to the camp site at about 10am.
We first went over to the shooting range and played around for a while....
We had a good group and there were others also.
The improvised shotgun phone book skeet shoot.
After shooting for a while, it was out to the trails.
Everyone was having fun playing....
Oops!   The first carnage of the day.   Note the chrome center cap and how it is deformed.
Alan plays in the rocks, while Donnie works on a front brake on his Cherokee in the background.
Alan gives driving lessons.
Watch out for that tree!
Another obstacle giving people problems.
Donnie going up the obstacle.
It was not Donnies day.   Towards the end of the day, his thermostat decided to stick closed and cause a problem.   The thermostat was removed for the drive home.
The final obstacle for the day.   It was a fun day without any major problems.   That is one of the nice things about Cow Mt., there are many different trails depending on what you want to do.
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