Cow Mt. Recreation area is just to the East of Ukiah California, and is a great place that you can take your 4x4, motorcycle or quad for a weekend of fun.   Unfortunately, people have been dumping their trash up there and it was getting to be quite a mess.   The Santa Rosa 4x4's spent a weekend doing cleanup at Cow Mt. in September, here are a few pictures from the trip.

All pictures are HERE.

There were shotgun shells everywhere, with smaller areas where people had dumped their trash.
Emma works on picking up trash in a particularly bad spot.
Alan and Zack coming back from picking up trash.
The area after we were done with the cleanup.
For the most part we filled the small trailer up with trash.  This was on Saturday, Sunday it was filled up again.
Alan with his bug resistant head net.
Our campsite at Red Mountain.

On Saturday night, a large group of locals arrived and had a great party that lasted all night.  Unfortunately, they also left a large bag worth of beer bottles and cans.

Here a person from a campsite next to ours pitches in to clean up after the locals mess.   Its unfortunate that some of the local kids do this kind of damage, as it may some day close the mountain to all users.

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