We had been wanting to have a Rubicon trip for some time, and earlier dates did not work out.   We finally settled on a firm date and started making plans!   It would be the first time to the Rubicon for quite a few of us.... in fact, everyone except Eric!

Along for the trip was Warren and his 03 Wrangler Rubicon, Kim, Phillip, Eric with his Jeep CJ and Pete with his 01 Toyota Tacoma. 

We headed in on Friday, watched the box on Saturday, and headed out on Sunday.

All of the pictures are HERE.

On the way in, Warren tries to go up the Soup Can.
Warren was playing and going over the harder lines, and was getting on the scrape plate as a result!
We stopped on the way in to put some food on the manifold.
Pete going through a narrow area.

We camped above the Little Sluice Box on Spider Lake.

The trucks on the left side of the picture are the TTORA group that we met up with.

On Saturday we set up down by the box to watch the carnage!

You can just see my truck with the walk in door open for shade and my chair setting there.

The first roll of the day!   With only one exception, everyone that went into the box either made it or broke trying.
The second roll of the day... Phillip is enjoying the carnage!
One of the TTORA group and his propane land cruiser buggy.   He made it!  He used the front wheels only to crawl up the side then whip the front sideways to get the good line... excellent driving!
Eric in the box... He also made it!
Warren in the box.  When Warren first went in, the people watching were wondering what he was doing, but by the time he was done, they were all cheering!
It got a little tight on the drivers side by the lower door hinge.
Chad makes the run on the box.
He made it part way in, then had a problem with his leaf spring and came out.
The leaf got kinda outa wack, but it was easily fixed.
Back by camp, there was a small rock that Chad drove over...
Coming down the other side, Chad ducks for cover as stuff flies from the bed as the truck smacks down!
With a little convincing, he drives the rest of the way down.
Eric's Jeep didnt have the wheelbase to make it up, but he has a winch!
Eric gets a passenger for the ride down..
Look out below!!

On Sunday we headed out.

Here Pete goes through another narrow section.

And another narrow section.
Eric discovers that from the top of the cage the view is much better, so he drives that way for a while... He also decides he needs a throttle and brake up there!
Lots of rock!

Pete coming into the Bowls.
Our rigs in the Bowls.
Pete coming out the gatekeeper.    It is very different on the way in Vs. the way out.   
Warren takes a hard line, and gets slightly hung up on the front bumper and rear quarter pannel.
After jacking and putting rocks under the front tires, it is time for a strap.
When he bounced over the rock, the fender kisses the rock slightly.
A picture of the parking lot.
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