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This trip was mainly made so that we could go scuba diving in spider lake.  Most of the group started in through the Gatekeeper friday afternoon.   We camped near Spider and made our dive Saturday morning.   Saturday afternoon part of the group headed out the rest of us camped along the trail in the area of Ellis Creek and headed out Sunday morning.

The diving at Spider was rather dissapointing.   There is a layer of sediment on the bottom of the lake, most likely from the leaves and such that drop into the lake.   The high spots are still rock with only a slight dust of sediment on them.   Near the edge where people used to drive down to the edge of the lake and camp, we found an assortment it items: Cooking pans, lighters, shotgun shells, a golf ball, an whip antenna that had some fishing line tied to it, etc..   There were quite a few older tin cans.   Most of them were beer, older ones with pull tabs.   Andy did find a number of cans of beer in a mesh bag that someone had lowered into the water to keep them cool.  He retreived them and another group said that they drank them.   The only item that I kept was a nickel that was at a depth of about 30ft that was sitting on a fairly flat section of rock.   It was very visible, and only had a slight dusting on it.   I have added a picture of it.   Most of the diving pictures didnt come out very well, so I have not taken the time to scan any of them.

Brads Rubicon Pictures

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