On 7-20-02 we went to the Run-A-Muck run in Truckee.  This was my first overnight run with the Santa Rosa 4x4's.

All pics are HERE.

The first major obstacle in the course was winch hill number 1.  If you could not make it, you could be winched up or you could also take the bypass.
After winch hill number 1 was Ball Pein.  This was a obstacle course that the event organizers created.  They were trying to make it so that nobody could make it.  The rules were simple: you must stay within the boundries and maintain forward motion at all times.  If you stop, you are out!
Alan tried to make it in his Jeep, but even with a locker in the rear, he only made it a little ways before becoming stuck.  Because we started on the trail at 6am, they let Alan play for a while before he had to clear the way for the next person.
I always hate the way that the pictures make things look so easy!!  There were only 2 vehicles that made it through the course without stopping.  Towards the top, there was a really bad section of rocks... the bottom was the easy part!
Here you can see that Alan got the Jeep stuck on one of the headers.  Smile Donny!
Finally Alan gave up and broke out the High-Lift jack and jacked the Jeep off the rocks.
The next obstacle was winch hill 2.  There was a line of trucks making runs here and I sat at the top of the hill watching them.  
This poor guy tried again and again to make it, but never did.  
This white CJ made it on the first try.  He had plenty of speed at the top, and his front tires were almost coming off the ground!
This silver CJ also made it.  He also had plenty of speed, and as you can see, his tires were off the ground.
Alan made it on the first try, also lifting a tire towards the end.
This bronco made it, but lost the radiator in the process.  There were plenty of people to applaud his efforts.
This is a picture of Cory's Amigo on a section that resembled a long uphill streambed.  
Back at camp there were vendors on hand showing off their various items.  This is the ARB company Tacoma.  
They had a BBQ, raffle and dance in the evening.  They also had a game that the kids played during the run, and they all got prizes once they got back to camp.  If you want to go on a run that is great to take the kids on, this is the one!
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