Winter Fun 2004 was held on January16th - 18th 2004 in Grass Valley at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.   Just like past years it was a great event, and everyone had a lot of fun!
As we have done for quite a few years, Saturday morning, the Santa Rosa 4x4's made breakfast for everyone... this year around 500 people.
Breakfast was Potatoes, Eggs, Ham, Biscuits and Gray, and cold cereal.
Again this year we were thankful that it was not so cold.   Some people worked outside making food....
While others worked inside serving the food...
Members of the club went on one of two runs: either the Avalance Express run or the Historic Tour.   We had signed up for the SUV run, but it was full and we were bumped to the Historic Tour.
The people on the Avalanche Express run air down and get ready for the run.   It was a similar run to the New Years Day run a few weeks before.
Art was having some problems with his front end in the Jeep, and had to be pulled out a few times...
The Historic Tour was a very informative run, but was not really a 4x4 run.   We visited a number of covered bridges in the area, including the one above and to the left, which is the longest covered bridge in existance.
We stopped at a number of locations and learned about the history of the area.
Zack got his first taste of snow...
The end of the run was over some fire roads and through some light snow.
On Sunday, a few people went out to the area where they used to have the River Bottom Games.   This year they canceled the Sunday games and had some Sunday trail runs instead.
Corey plays in the river bed.
Saturday night they had the kids and adult raffle.  
A number of people came out to play.... Everyone had a good time!

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