I broke the drive to Moab into two days.   I left home and drove to Las Vegas then stayed the night at Circus Circus.   The next morning I drove the rest of the way to Moab, stopping along the way to see the scenery and to hit some Geocaches.

On the way to Moab, I passed a few military bases.   While passing one, there were large transport planes doing practice take offs and landings.
While traveling on I-70, I saw a truck accident.   The truck started swerving then just tipped over and slid down the road on its side.
The driver was shaken up but OK.   I was able to easily slip by on the inside shoulder.
After I slipped by, a truck decided to also slip by, but I am not sure if he made it.   I was happy to not have to be stuck behind this mess!
I stopped as a number of rest stops to take pictures and see the scenery.
When I got closer to Moab, I stopped at a few Geocaches.   This is Geocache GCJ90D.   It is a tube hidden under the rocks where the yellow arrow is pointing.
Here is a shot from the cache.
The next cache was a little way off the trail near some dinosaur tracks.
Here is a shot of the Cache.    This is Geocache GC1413.
The next cache was just outside of Moab.   It was a green ammo can under s rock.   This is Geocache GCK93D.
A shot from the Cache.

This cache had a Travel Bug inside.   I took the bug and will drop it off somewhere in Northern California.

The travel bug is the Yellow Yota Travel Bug.

A shot of the two Toyota's together.
Finally.... the Motel 6!
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