On Thursday we headed out to Pritchett Canyon.....

Leaving the staging area.
The first obstacle was a steep drop off.   Dean makes short work of it.
Another truck coming down the drop off.
Dean climbing up a step.
The step was harder for short wheelbase vehicles.
A shot of the canyon.
Continuing down the trail.
Another step climb.
Another small climb.
Along the trail.
Another interesting section.
A buggy taking a harder line.
Yet another step climb.
Another person going through.

So after all that, we made it to the first real obstacle: Rocker Knocker.

The idea is to start to the right side, then climb part way up and while you are spinning the tires slide to the left and then pivot and climb to the left.

This person is almost ready to make the final climb out.

Dick gets into line for the final climb.
For short wheelbase, it was a more interesting climb up.
A CV Halfshaft that was claimed by Rocker Knocker being changed.
One of the larger trucks take a totally different approach.
After some maneuvering, he makes the climb.
Mike watches the show.
The only Tundra makes the climb.

After Rocker Knocker there are more smaller obstacles, then you make it to the final large obstacle:  Rock Pile.

This is actually the bypass for the obstacle.   The problem is that with the large undercut ledge, the tire wants to go under rather than over.   You can stack a lot of rocks but they tend to spin out.

Here Warren makes an attempt at the Rock Pile.   It is a huge step.   On top, a few people hold a tow strap to keep him from going over backwards.
Warren was not able to make the Rock Pile, so he also took the bypass.   While being pulled up the giant ledge, he lost a bead.
Just below Rock Pile, Mike changes a front axle that was claimed at the smaller climb just below.
Here is the bad axle.
At the Rock Pile, Dan also changes an axle.
The last climb out of the valley.
Looking back down the valley.
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