On Friday we ran a couple of close trails, Fins & Things and Hells Revenge.   We did this because on Friday night we planned to hit Lions Back, Bump Dump, and Potato Salad Hill.

In the morning we staged at the entrance to Hells Revenge.  The idea was that we were going to break into two groups but that didn't happen!
We first hit Fins & Things.   There was a little of everything on the trail.
There were some nice climbs.
Some sandy areas.

And of course slickrock!

After we were done with Fins & Things we hit Hells Revenge.

One of the bowls on Hells Revenge.   Some of the smaller steeper ones were full of water and mud.

Hells Revenge was mostly rock.   Towards the end, there was Escalator.   

As you can see in the picture, Escalator is a long steep climb up a V in the rock.    If you slip sideways in the V, you are in trouble!

Warren slipped sideways and had to get winched out.
Warren waiting for a tow.
Mike makes a run...
Because Mike has a front bumper that sticks out more like mine, Dean had to back him up slightly for a different line.
When Mike backed up, he got a little tippy.
After taking the new line he drives right up without any problems.
Next it was my turn.
Because I had the larger front bumper, Dean had me take the same line that Mike took.
Dean spotting...
Coming up slowly...
Made it!
Kirk gives it a try...
Kirk towards the top of the hill.
The next major obstacle after Escalator is Tip Over Challenge.
Towards the top of the hill, things start leaning to the right.
A little bit of a squeeze towards the end of Hells Revenge.
After the trails, we hit Lions Back.
Trucks went up and down two at a time.
Mike coming down with the shadow of his truck on the wall behind him.
Jeff on his way up.
Another shot of a truck on its way up.
After Lionsback, we played on Bump Dump for a while before heading over to Potato Salad Hill.
Over at Potato Salad Hill people made runs until well after the sun went down.
Another truck climbs up the hill.
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