On Saturday we ran a trail called Top of the World.   Once you reach the top, you are at around 7000 feet.

The trail to Top of the World is about 30 minutes drive from Moab.

Once we reached the trailhead, we stopped so people could air down.

There was a Geocache at the staging area.

The trail is quite tame, with only a few spots that really require 4wd.
Stopped on the trail taking pictures.

The view from the top is great!

There was a Geocache there.

There is a large rock that sticks out that is really undercut.
People dangle their feet over the edge for a picture.
Rufus gets ready to go over the edge.
A brave person accompanies Rufus over the edge...
Mike had some Habanero peppers that he was trying to get people to eat.   He got this guy to try one...
Just a little warm....
Making the trip back down..
Once we got to the main road, we stopped to play with the RC trucks.
Dean jumping over the squirrel.
After some quick repairs, Dean was back on the road....
but the jump had now become the flaming squirrel jump of death.
Dean makes it over a nervous squirrel once again.
On the way back, Jeff found out that he also had a problem.
He was missing a cap of a front U-Joint.

Once back at the Hotel 6, we found Dan and Dick trying to fix Dans rear axle.

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