On Sunday, most of the people got up and packed and headed home.   We stayed and ran a few more trails!  Today we ran Tusher Tunnel, Hidden Valley, Hidden Valley Overlook, and Sevenmile Rim.

The first trail was a 2wd trail to Tusher Tunnel.
The entrance of the tunnel.
Inside the tunnel it varies from lots of room to places where there is just enough room so that you don't hit your head.
The end of the tunnel on the other side of the hill.

A view from the end of the tunnel.  

There is a Geocache there.

After checking out the scenery, we decided to go play on the large stair steps across the valley where the yellow arrow is pointing.

John trys the step, but the short wheelbase and lack of lockers prevents him from making it.
Ted scraped a little but made it up.
I made it up without scraping.
After Tusher Tunnel, we headed for Hidden Valley.   The trail has a series of long sandy sections.
There are a couple obstacles to play on along the way.
Some scenery from the trail.
The end of the trail loops around and sends you back down the valley.
We stopped for pictures at the end.
Next we drove up to the rim and ran Hidden Valley Overlook.   It is a easy trail with some nice scenery.
Some sections are easy to see where the trail is, other places you can get lost easily.
John getting some shots of the Jeep on the edge of the drop off into the valley.
I also got some shots in the same place.
Interesting Rock formations.
A hole in the bottom of the rock.
After Hidden Valley Overlook, we drove over to Sevenmile Rim.   The trail started with a drive up a wet muddy wash.  
The three trucks in front of the Determination Towers.

Along Sevenmile Rim you can take a side trail and visit Wipeout Hill.   

Here Ted comes down the hill.   There are two ways you can go.   On the right like Ted is now, or on the Left.   The right is smooth, but steep and off camber.   The left is not as smooth and steep with a large step in the middle.

John going up.
Ted going up.
Pete going down.
Just after Wipeout Hill, there is a very tippy section.   Here Pete is in the middle of it with Ted standing on the slider.
John heading down the hill below the tippy section.
Pete and Ted just after the tippy section.
Ted coming down the hill.
We stopped for a snack on the trial after the tippy section.
Later down the trail there is a crack you can drive across.
Pete going across.
Lots of large rocks, with the trail weaving through.
Another side trail takes you to Uranium Arch.

John playing on a small steps section.

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