On 2-28-2004 we made a trip to the Red Dog Bluff area.   This is the same area that Winter Fun Fest does the SUV run at.  There are a ton of trails in the area to explore.  

All picture and videos are HERE.

We started on You Bet Road.  Here everyone aired the tires down.
The first little hill climb on the side of the main road.
I gave it a couple of tries but could not quite make it over the top... it was still too slippery.
Mike tried also but also had the same problem.
We drove down to the river area and stopped for lunch.   This is the area that they used to have the river bottom games at.
After lunch we headed up stream.   The water was rather murky so we had to explore and find a shallow place to cross.
Another vehicle makes a crossing.
We made quite a few crossings!   Everyone made it without any major problems.   
In some places, after a few vehicles went through the bottom got torn up so they had to find a new place to cross.
There were plenty of places along the river to play.
There were not too many places during the run that were too challenging.   This small climb had a twisty section to it.
After we got done playing on some trails upriver, we returned to place we had lunch to play.
Mike playing by the river....

There was a hill that a few tried to make it up but no one made it to the top.   One person made it quite a ways up, but we never found the top of the trail.

This Jeep made a quick (read accidental) u-turn on the way down but somehow managed to stay on all 4.

Because there are so many trails in the area, I am sure that we will head up there again this summer.   There is also a ton of garbage and cars in the river, and there is talk about a cleanup run in the future also.

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