At around 75,000 miles, the Ford Expedition's shocks were in need of replacement.   The ride was very soft and spongy.   

It was decided to replace the shocks with a set of Rancho RS9000X adjustable shocks.   The thought was that with the RS9000's, the ride could be easily adjusted to taste.

The replacement process is quick and easy, only simple hand tools are required.

15mm, 18mm and 19mm wrenches, sockets and a ratchet, a jack, jack stand and tools to remove the front wheels.

The rear shocks were the first to go.   You can do them without raising the vehicle, but by raising the vehicle it gives you a bit of extra comfort room.

The rear shocks are held at both ends by 18mm bolts and nuts.   With both the upper and lower bolts out, the shocks will come right out.


Here the stock shock has been removed.

The upper end has a clip nut that will fall out when the shock comes out.

Here is a closer picture of the clip nut.
The new Rancho RS9000 shock next to the old shock.
It is a good idea to check the new shocks for proper length.
The clip nut has a larger hole that will fit over the bushing sleeve.
You will need to hold it there while you insert the upper shock mount into the upper bracket.  Once there, it will stay in place and you do not need to hold it.
The drivers side rear shock is the hardest one to get to, as the gas tank is in the way.  There is no easy way I found to do it, it is just one of those that we all love to hate!

The rear shocks are bolted in place.   Once the bolts are tightened, the rear is done.

The front shocks are quite quick and easy.

Raise and support the front of the vehicle.   Remove the front wheels so that you will have easy access to the front shocks.   You could do the fronts with the wheels on, but its much easier to remove them.

The upper nut and lower nut (arrows) are both 18mm.   While holding the lower nut, remove the upper nut.
The lower mount bolt head is 15mm, the nut is 18mm.  Remove the bolt and the shock can be removed.
Here are the two shocks side by side.
Installation is the reverse of the removal.
The new upper mounting nut is 19mm, as is the lower nut.

With the upper and lower bolts tight, the installation is complete.  

Both the front and rear adjusting knobs are easy to reach, and the ride can be adjusted without the need to get dirty.

The ride with the new shocks was a 100% improvement over the stock shocks.   

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