Geocaching is a game where you use a GPS, or Global Positioning System, to locate hidden items called caches.  These are sometimes containers that contain various items. Sometime they are virtual caches, that have you tell the person who created them something about the surrounding area.  Geocaching is a treasure hunt on a global level.  From the Geocaching main page, you can search by state or by zip code to find caches in your area.  Because there are too many caches in California to view at once, I did a search from my zip code for all caches within a 300 mile radius.  Keep in mind that I live close to the coast, so a good chunk of my search will be over water, where there are no caches.  The search still hit on 2140 caches!  

Below are some pictures of caches that I have found.  There is also a link below to the Geocaching web page.  

Other Geocaching Pictures are HERE.


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This is a cache that we found while in the Las Vegas area. This cache was in a piece of white PVC pipe, hidden under some rocks.  



Here I am with another cache in the Las Vegas area.  This cache was in a plastic tupperware container.  We picked one of the hottest days we were there to go walking in the desert to find this one!
This cache was in a metal ammo can.  This cache also has one of the official geocaching stickers on the side of the can.
Here you can see the contents of a cache.  They are mostly small iems of little or no value.  Most of the fun is finding the cache, not getting what is in it.  There are sometimes items called travel bugs in caches.  These are items that travel from cache to cache, with a log kept of their travels.  I currently have 2 travel bugs, which you can view from my cache page.
Getting a Geocaching account is free.  GPS units have come way down in price in the alst few years, and you can get one of under $100.   To view my cache page or my travel bugs, you must have an account.  If you get an account or have an account and wish to see my page, e-mail me and I will give you my travel bug names and my screen name.

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