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The kit came with all of the necessary hardware for the installation.   The Nathan horns, a 5 gallon air tank and two compressors.
We did a few layouts on how where to mount the compressors and the tank.   As the truck is not used to haul things, mounting them in the bed will give them the most protection.   
We marked the mounting holes for the compressors and Kris drilled them.  The compressors were bolted down securely through the wheel well.
A pressure regulator was installed on the output fitting of the tank.   This will not only let us regulate the amount of pressure for the horns, but also for any air tools or air chuck to air the tires up after a day of off-roading.   The gauge was oriented so we could see it from the back of the truck.
The tank pressure gauge was also fitted so we could see it from the back of the truck.

From this angle you can see on the left the two pressure switches (one for each compressor), the T fitting in the middle where the two compressors will attach to the tank, and the pressure gauge and the safety valve on the right.


On the end of the compressors there is a small hole with a rubber plug.   This is the air intake hole for the compressor, thread in air filters are provided.

On the bottom of the mounting foot, the fitting for the air line is securely installed.
Over time the bolts could pull through the bed of the truck, so we cut a steel plate to spread the weight of the horn out over a larger area.
Here you can see the plate in place after the horn was mounted.   The bolts made a lump in the bed liner, but given a week or two it should smooth out nicely.
Here you can see the horns mounted facing forward below the bed where the spare tire used to be.   As the spare tire was already being carried in the bed, this space was not being used for anything.
We ended up mounting the tank across the front of the bed as it took up less space and the lines reached better this way.   Once the tank was mounted we hooked all the lines up.
A new hole was drilled to mount the on / off switch for the compressors.
The pressure switches for the compressors are wired up.   The wires and the air line pass through the factory hole in the corner of the bottom of the bed.
Wires were run from the compressors and switch to the solenoids near the battery.

The compressor switch (green light) is shown left.   The handle for the horn was mounted in the middle of the rear seat.   There is a hidden cup holder the slides completely out of sight under the seat, we mounted the handle to the front.   

With this setup, the handle can be pulled out a little or all the way.   When pushed completely back in, you cannot see the handle at all.

Video of the horn coming soon!
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