MassAir Compressor

The MassAir compressor was a compressor that we picked up at a local store for under $75.

This is how it comes.   It has a flashlight on the end and a built in gauge that was not very accurate on the one we tested.
Under the flashlight, you can see two air ports.   They are both low pressure ports, one for inflating and the other for deflating a boat or air mattress or something similar.

I found a few issues with this compressor.  The first was that the air hose and also the power cord were too short.   I could barely reach the rear tires and that was with the power cord coming out that sides door.

Time wise is inflated one tire from 10-35PSI in 15:51, and all 4 tires in the real world test in 1:21:05.   During the high pressure test, it started to give off a strange smell that I would say smelled like it was burning up.

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