The Oasis HP1000 compressor is a monster!   It is basically a York compressor mounted to a 5hp modified winch motor that can run on either 12v or 24v DC.

Here is what it looked like when we opened the box up.

The kit came with the compressor, a mounting plate, pressure switch and air filter.

This is an oil filled compressor, so you want to mount it in an upright position.

The kit comes with 10ft of #4awg power wire, but you should cut it down to the minimum length to help with power loss.

This thing is big and heavy!   The dimensions are 17"Lx7"Wx10"H and it weighs in at 45 pounds!!   At maximum load it draws 200 amps at 12v DC!

During our inflation test, it inflated one tire from 10-35PSI in only 51 seconds!!


Install pictures and info coming soon!!
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