For our Inflation comparison Powertank sent us a 10lb. tank with accessories.

The kit came with a 10lb. tank, Super Bracket for mounting, hose with quick disconnect, a tank boot and a tire chuck.

The Regulator is the key to a good CO2 system, and also the most expensive part!  When the system is in use, the regulator will become very cold, to the point that it will frost up.   A cheap regulator can freeze and have problems, where a good one can keep on going!

The regulator is protected by a handle

The coiled hose that came with the system has a shut off on the working end so you can change chucks easily.
The boot protects the tank from dings and scrapes.  Depending on how you mount it, it can also stop any annoying vibrations.

From Powertank's web page:

"Our new Super Bracket is smaller than our Power Bracket which allows it to be mounted in tighter locations in a vehicle or trailer. This bracket holds both the 10 lb. and the 15 lb. tanks and can be used with or without the Tank Boot, although the Tank Boot is required if the tank is to be mounted in the air and off the floor. And, unlike our Power Brackets, there is no drilling required if used with our aluminum roll bar clamps. Very clean. Recommended for Wranglers, CJs, D90s, and 4runners but also great for pickup beds and buggies."

I used the bracket to mount the tank in my bed on the passenger side wheel hump.  I first marked and drilled holes in the mounting locations.
On the inside of the wheel well, large washers were used to keep the nuts from possibly pulling through.

A small spacer was used on the outer location as the wheel hump is not completely flat.

With this mounting setup, I don't think you could tear the mount off if you tried!

The tank in its mount.   Note that if you want to use the tank without removing it from its mount, you must mount the tank in an upright position.   Running it on its side can cause damage to the regulator!
Because of the limited amount of space, I was not able to mount it upright.
During out tests, the Powertank inflated a single tire from 10-35PSI in only 1:21 with the normal tire chuck.   With the Monster Chuck, it only took 25 seconds!!   Now that's fast!!
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