The Superflow compressor and the Viair compressor seemed to have a lot in common.
So much that we decided to get a look at them side by side.

The format of them side by side may make you have to scroll back and forth, but I felt
that you just need to see them that way!

Here you can see the two of them side by side.

Although the Superflow (bottom) has a parital enclosure,
the overall size and shape are very similar.

The heads and air filters on both models.   Notice not only the similar design, but even the casting on the heads looks the same.
Notice the similarities between the ends of the compressors, the feet, and the location of the power cords and switches.
Although the Superflow does not have the tray the lower mounts are the same.

The Superflow (left) and Viair (right) air chucks.

Both feature deflators so you can fine tune easily.

Another shot of the lower mounts.

So are they made by the same company?   I dont know for sure, but they sure look a lot alike!!

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