Turnigy Installation
By Ken Rex

What does the TURNIGY do in the Tamiya Tiger 1 tank?

The installation is so simple even a “weasel” can do it.

The cable goes from connection lll Turnigy to the receiver throttle (channel 2).

The CH1 is connected to the DMD throttle cable. That is it!

When the Turnigy is set to “slowest” adjustment the stick is pushed and it takes about 3 – 5 sec to start moving. It starts out slow and then picks up speed. NOTE: the tank rolls for about three feet before stopping and you cannot stop it by stick control.

On fastest adjustment the tank operates normal. My setting is about halfway; this lets the tank roll for a few inches.

The tank doesn’t jump, but starts off smoothly. Since this is an easy install – and cost is less than $20, you might want to try it.

All pics are here.

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A better shot of the instructions.
All you need is to make a new cable – I used Futaba cable #AEC3 (two to splice together) to make both end female. The great thing is that the cable fits right on the TURNIGY pins. Make sure the cable color code match the TURNIGY pins.



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