We made a trip to play in the mud and snow on November 29th, 2002.  Warren made it out from Vegas with the new Rubicon and was ready to play in the mud for the first time, as he can't find much in the desert!

These pictures are smaller than normal, as we did'nt take any stills, so I had to capture them from the video we made!

This was the first mud pit of the day.  With low ground clearance, the Subaru was quickly high centered.  Warren yanked him out with the tow strap without any problem.
Next was Warrens turn.
Instead of using the trail to the left, Warren decided to try to drive up while straddling the rut...
He did fine until the middle, notice the drivers side rear slipping in....
The twist got bad and loaded up the suspension.   Look at the next few pictures, you can see the Jeep's suspension "pop" and fall into the ditch.... you can see air under both of the front tires...
Of course, Warren did'nt want his new Jeep scratched, so he put his arm out the window and kept the Jeep from hitting the side of the ditch.... NOT!!!
The spotter... (his younger brother) laughing...
Warren tried to drive back onto the rut, but it was not to be..
The only way out was forward!
After a struggle, he clawed his way out.
Next it was down to the creek for a swim..
Kris in his 02 Double Cab 4X4 TRD
Warren picking his way through the rocky creek
Night was falling, but there was still time for some more mud!  Warren tried the normal way, then tried it sideways.
Looking for the hole..
There's one!

Now it was my turn!



Does that snorkel really work?

Yup!! It does!!           It was a fun and muddy day!  

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