Every Year our club makes a day run to Lake Pilsbury on New Years Day.   This year we went up in two groups.   The first group left at 6:30am, and the second group left at 9am.   Being the second group, we had to catch up with the rest of the club.   

The first obstacle was the mud pits.  We played for a few minuted and then headed up the trail.

As we headed up the trail, we quickly came upon a line of stopped vehicles.   After a few minutes, we decided to walk up to the front and see what was holding things up.

Here you can see Warren's Rubicon and my Tacoma in line.

This was typical of the weather of the day... off and on snow showers.

When we made it to the front of the line, we found a number of Santa Rosa 4x4's members, including Donnie's Cherokee partially off the road.  It seems that the sloped corners were giving some trouble.   

Another member was working on getting him moving again.

This was shortly before Donnie was recovered... I am told that at one point he had two winches on his Cherokee at once!
The theme for the day was sliding off of....
Or sideways across the trail.
Here I am on one of the sloped corners.
We reached a open area of the trail and found the rest of the club.  All together, I think there must have been 15 rigs.
This club guest wins the award for the cold ride of the day!
Here is a shot of Chris's (HYTENOR) Tacoma in the snow.
On the way down, we took some side trails and had some fun slipping and sliding in the snow.
On the way down, we applied another coating of mud.
Here is my Tacoma after a coating of mud.
Back at the lake, the trailer rigs got loaded back up and we headed home.   The snow level was almost down to the lake level.  That night, there was almost a foot of snow at the lake.

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