I actually had the ARB Bull Bar and Warn winch home before the dealership had my truck in. So once I had the truck for a long enough time to start ripping it apart, like 3 days, I installed it.

I have since updated the front mounting brackets with a new set that ARB sent me.   You can see that info HERE.

Here the new truck is, just waiting to be torn apart! As you can see in the picture, at this point I have not done anything to the truck.
Here is a front view of the truck with the factory bumper. The new ARB bumper has provisions for the turn signals in the factory bumper.
ARB wraps their bumpers up pretty good. I unwrapped the bumper and checked to make sure that all of the pieces were there. When I purchased the bumper I was told that it was missing some bolts. ARB had a shipment of bumpers with this problem. I had no problems replacing the missing bolts.

First I installed the rubber guards and the turn signals on the bumper.

Next I installed the winch and roller fairlead. This is the order dictated in the instructions, and although you could install the winch after the bumper was on the truck, I think that this was easier.

I then removed the old bumper and the crash cans.

One of the things that I like about the ARB bumper is that it is Air Bag Compliant. Replacing some front bumpers or even just adding a brush guard to the front of some air bag equipped cars can be dangerous. The front bumpers on newer cars are designed to crumple and set off the air bags. By adding the new bumper or grille guard, you can delay the front end from crumpling, and the air bags may go off late, actually causing additional injury.


In this picture you can see the mounting bracket. Notice the ripple design. This is to let the front end crumple like the factory bumper. While this is a good thing, it can also be bad. If you are into serious rock crawling, for example, you could cause the mount to crumple by banging the bumper on rocks. Because I don't plan on banging the bumper into things on a regular basis, I am OK with this feature. I also drive this truck on a regular basis, so I want the air bag protection.

These ripples, while designed to crumple in an impact, are strong enough to support the weight of the truck under winch conditions.

Here is another picture of the mounting bracket. The bolt is going straight into the frame of the truck through where the OEM crash can mounts. The crash can is the factory crumple zone, and the bumper would bolt onto the crash can, much as the ARB bumper will bolt onto this mount. The factory crash can can be seen here also, painted white and then changing to black as it moves along the cross member. I painted it white to protect the metal from rust.

The bracket bolts on with three bolts: one into the frame going straight back, and then two more from the bottom going up, into the factory tie down / tow hook mounting.

In this picture you can see the two holes in the side of the bracket where the bumper will attach. There are also two holes on the other side of the bracket.
Here is why I had to paint the crash can white. These are the mounts for the factory bumper. Although the ARB instructions don't specifically say you have to cut these off, you must do so in order to install the new bumper mount. I called ARB about this, and they told me that although they have not done so, they really need to update the instructions to include this fact. It can be a little confusing.
With the mounts all in place, I bolted the bumper up. I then had to wire up the winch, and tie the wires in place.
Here you can see the before and after.....

Here is the before and after from the underside. As you can see in the picture to the left, the factory scrape plate still leaves some of the radiator exposed. In the picture to the left, you can see that there is a scrape plate that connects the new bumper to the factory scrape plate, giving better protection. You can also see the cutouts in the bumper that allow access to the winch clutch controls.

Overall, I would say that this install took about 3 hours to complete.

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