As soon as the order for my 2001 Double Cab was placed I called ARB and asked which Bull Bar I would need to mount on the front.   I was given a part number which I found at a local distributor and ordered.   I actually had the ARB bumper and Warn winch in the garage before the truck arrived!   

Once I started working on installing the new bumper, I found that the instructions that came with it were not so great.   Once again I called ARB and now was told that they did not yet make a bumper for the 2001 model.   They thought that it would fit, but they had never actually installed one.   It turned out that the instructions were just bad, but not incorrect.   I had to cut the front mounting plates off the crush cans, then use longer bolts to bolt through them to the end of the frame.   The only problem with the new 01 model year was that the back of the two uprights slightly hit the front grille.   

About a year later, I was talking to an ARB rep about my experience and he said that they had a new mounting kit for the bumper.    My mounting setup was OK and he said that I did not have to worry about it coming off, but they would send me the updated kit.

The kit arrived and them sat in my garage for over a year waiting to be installed.   I was not that anxious to pull the front bumper off to install the kit, but when I had to pull it off to install the transmission cooler anyway I installed the updated mounts.

For more info on the original mounts, see the initial install page.


The first step was to remove the bumper and mounting brackets.   In this picture, the bumper and the passenger side mounting brackets are already off.

Here you can see the passenger side crush can.   During the initial install, I had to cut the factory bumper mounting plate off the crush can.

Here you can see the old crush can and scrape plate mounting crossmember and the new mounting pieces.

Instead of being one piece, there are two blocks and a crossmember.

We installed the new mounting pieces just as the old ones had come off.

NOTE:  In the rest of the pictures, you will see that the tab that the front scrape plate mounts to is facing forward, just like the original one does.   The correct way it should be is with the new crossmember facing the rear of the truck.   The scrape plate bolts will not line up otherwise!   The yellow arrow points to the tab that I am talking about.   Make sure it is facing the rear of the truck!   If not, you will have to pull it apart and do it over just as we had to!

Here you can see the new block and crossmember on the truck.

Again, make sure that the tab on the crossmember faces the rear of the vehicle.   The yellow arrow is again pointing to the tab.

Here is a close up shot of the new mounting block.   The block bolts to the frame, then the bumper bracket bolts to the block.
Here the bumper bracket is attached to the mounts.   The wrinkles in the bracket are the new crush zone that takes the place of the crush cans.
Here you can see the winch mounted into the rear of the bumper.

Once the brackets are done, it was time to put the bumper back on and hook everything back up.

In our case, after the bumper was back on, we then found out that the scrape plate mounts were not right and had to pull it all back apart and reverse the new crossmember!

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