Since I am running larger tires and lots of slow off-roading builds up the heat in the transmission, I decided to install a transmission cooler.    The actual installation is fairly straight forward, but since I have the ARB bull bar on the front of the truck and the grill has to come off, the bull bar has to come off also.   

I went with a Hayden model 679 Cooler.   I purchased it from Kragen for $59.

For all pictures of the install click HERE.

With the bull bar off, the first step is to remove the grille.   I think you could slip it in behind, but it would not be as easy of an install.

With the grille off, locate the place you want to mount the cooler.   Once you find the place, you can run the lines.

On my truck, the line into the stock cooler enters on the passenger side and exits on the drivers side.

The lines now will run into the new cooler, then out and through the bottom of the radiator (the factory cooler) and then back to the transmission.  

Once the lines are run, secure the cooler with the zip ties.
Here you can see the zip ties coming through the back of the radiator.
Another shot of the mounted cooler.
Once the locks are on, you can trim the zip ties so they clear the fan.
Once the install is all done, you can put the grill back on.   In my case, this also meant putting the ARB bumper back on!
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