From the RealWheels web site:

The modern taillights of the new FJ offer unique styling to the vehicle, but are in serious need of some protection. Whether you’re interested in function or appearance, these guards offer both. Constructed from stainless steel tubing, they install easily and securely. Don’t settle for chrome or paint over regular steel that can rust once, even the smallest surface chips occur. Only RealWheels offers FJ enthusiasts a LIFTIME Limited warranty, and the confidence of mirror-shine stainless steel.

The above paragraph pretty much sums it up.   The FJ Cruisers Tail Lights are in dire need of protection.  We have already seen quite a few of them taken off on the trail!   Below you can see the installation of a set of the tail light guards, we will follow up down the road and see how they are holding up.

For those that have not already seen them, here are a few shots of the tail lights.

Another shot.   Notice how far they stick out!   

Lets get on to the installation!

The guards are left and right specific.
Another shot.   Not how the fins on the guard are highly polished.
A shot from another angle.  While we didn't see any marks on the guards that would indicate left or right.   You can tell however as only the top side are highly polished, the bottoms are not.
A close-up of the clip.   This clip is what holds the front end of the guard onto the tail light assembly.

Starting on the passenger side, remove the small inside panel.   You will also need to remove the small storage panel above and to the left of this one and remove the bottom of the compartment to get at the third nut.

The nuts are on long bolts that are not easy to get at.   The two that you access through the panel shown we used a box wrench to remove.   

The third nut is the hard one to get at.   We used a 1/4 inch drive and a deep socket and were just able to get it loose.

A closer shot of two of the long bolts and two of the nuts (yellow arrows).

After the nuts are loose, the light assembly can be popped out and loose.   You do not need to remove the nuts completely, but we did.   Be very careful if you do remove them not to drop them!  They could disappear down into the body never to be seen again!

With the tail lights loose, the front of the guard can be hooked onto the tail lights.   
The latch for the rear door needs to be removed.
With the latch off, the mounting tab can be bent around and into place.   

Once the guard mounting bracket is in place, the bolts and the door latch can be reinstalled.

The passengers side is done, now its time to for the drivers side.

The drivers side is much the same as the passenger side.   The two easy nuts are accessed through a similar access panel as the passenger side.

The third more difficult nut is accessed through the panel that holds the vehicles jack.   The drivers side is much easier to access, as you can reach your arm in and use a 1/4 inch socket and remove and install it easily.

Once the tail light is loose, the front end of the guard can be clipped on.   The rear mounting tab for the guard is passed between the door and the body.
Two self tapping screws (included) are used to tap into the inside of the door jamb and secure the mounting tab.

Close up all the access panels and that's all to the install.

Here a few shots of the drivers side guard in place.

Another shot from the rear.  

We will follow up in a few months to see how the guards hold up.

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